Safer At Home? The Second Pandemic

Fayette Cares has experienced a sharp increase in domestic violence calls. Some have termed this “the second pandemic” with abusers using COVID-19 to keep survivors from leaving.

When social distancing guidelines first went into place many victims found themselves trapped at home with an abuser.  Although isolation has commonly been a tactic used to maintain power and control, the pandemic made it easier for abusers to keep victims from connecting with family or friends who could help. 

As communities deal with a highly contagious novel virus, increased fear, financial crisis, and uncertainty compound an already volatile home situation, and with that the risk of violence escalates.  

But remember, domestic violence isn’t just physical.  Victims report enduring emotional abuse including threats to intentionally infect them, withholding personal protective equipment, preventing them from seeking medical care or caring for their loved ones, even pretending to be sick or exposed to the virus so that victims and their children needlessly stay in quarantine. 

Abusive partners often strip away access to credit cards or money. Unexpected job losses and layoffs, may mean victims need every penny to make ends meet and have nothing left with which to plan an escape.

With your contributions Fayette Cares helps victims safely and discreetly get support in quarantine and beyond.  Through in-person and remote services victims can access shelter, transitional housing, therapeutic services, and other vital resources to break free from violence.

I don’t know how I would have gotten through the last few months without you!” – Survivor & Fayette Cares Client

For many the road ahead is  uncertain. By making a monthly contribution, whether $10 or $100, you help create safe and peaceful homes.

Donate and learn more at or call (901) 465-3802 x 223.  

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