Sillivan Farms - Shelter Naming Sponsor

A Message from Board Member Debbie Sullivan

We brought the New Year in, not in your usual fanfare, but guarded, cautious, and fearful as 2020 was something we never experienced before and hope to never again.  It brought many challenges to the world, to families, and to Fayette Cares.  

As the pandemic continues, jobs are lost, school is virtual, and the needs of our clients continue to increase dramatically.  Our agency saw a 50% increase in requests for domestic violence intervention aid as victims were confined more hours with their abusers.   

Through these challenges we continue to have fundraisers and events, although much differently than before.  

Masked with the smell of sanitizer, which has become the uniform, online orders and zoom meetings became the norm.

We continue to partner with agencies to help those clients in crisis and in immediate danger of harm.

Our volunteers and staff have risen to the call to ensure our clients have safe harbors, full bellies and a plan for a better future.  

We could not have done it without the help of our wonderful community that continues to donate so we can help those in crisis.

I am privileged to serve on the Board of Directors of Fayette Cares along with others whose goal it is to continue the good works in our community, so that all know: we are here to help you because we care.

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