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Providing Hope, Healing, and a Safe Home

“I knew this is what God wanted me to do” says Absolute Moving Service owner Phil McLendon who provides free moving services to help Fayette Cares relocate victims of domestic violence.  

Growing up he saw a lot of violence in the community.  He wanted to make a difference.  When he started the company he jumped at the chance to be part of the solution.  Without hesitation he responded to an organization looking for help.  One charity partner grew to two, and family after family he became an important part of breaking the cycle of domestic violence.  

When families move from the Fayette Cares shelter to a permanent home, Absolute Moving Service can help load, transport, and unload items.  By donating his services he helps families who are trapped and who don’t have the resources to escape a deeply difficult situation.  “There’s no greater reward than to see that look of peace on their faces, says Phil.  

In his moving vans are donations from caring people like you.   Through your gifts to the Fayette Cares donation center, clients receive everything from clothing, furniture, bedding, and housewares, to small and large appliances.   

The key to making donations that truly help families in need, is making sure items are ready to use as-is.  Cleaning, repairing, or disposing of donations pulls funds away from services, hurting the families we serve.   But quality donations are either give directly to families in crisis, used in the shelter and programs, or sold in the charity thrift shop to raise funds for services.  

Fayette Cares is proud to partner with Absolute Moving Services and the many supporters who make it possible to offer programs that create healthy families and strong communities.

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If you or someone you know needs help, call  

800-356-6767 24hr Domestic Violence Hotline

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