Caring Grows Here

Gardens are wonderful reminders of new life, growth, wellness, and beauty.  But after more than a decade, the Fayette Cares shelter garden had given all it could.

When word got out that the garden needed new life, the Fayette County Master Gardeners, Somerville Rotary Club, and St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church sprang into action.  

These caring groups dug in to create a design, raise money, and provide labor in order to transform the space into an oasis of hope. The garden now has raised metal beds, fresh soil, new ground cover, a bird bath and feeder, and an abundance of fruits and vegetables.  

It’s a joy to see excited children in the shelter watching the plants grow and harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, and more.  

For some, a quiet moment in the garden has healing power.  One shelter resident shared, 

“I really have trouble sleeping, so early in the morning I go to the garden where it’s beautiful and peaceful and pick vegetables.  It’s calm and helps me clear my head.”

The space, lovingly prepared by volunteers, gives clients a chance to connect with nature on their journey of healing and restoration.  

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