COVID-19 Crisis Conquered by Caring

Always hard workers, Promela and her husband were financially stable. That is, until the pandemic hit.

Promela’s job came to a standstill when shutdowns and restrictions were required. She was furloughed. Never before in this situation, she was forced to apply for unemployment.

Then, her husband contracted COVID. It was a bad case. But after months in the hospital he was finally released to go home.

Unfortunately things weren’t the same. COVID related complications lingered and he continued to be in poor health. The doctors warned that it would be a long road to recovery. And it was. So long, that the unemployment benefits ran out, but he was not healthy enough to return to work.

“We were in a bind ... I had never even heard of Fayette Cares but I don’t know what we would have done without your help”

“We were in a bind,” says Promela. They had depleted their savings and didn’t know how they would get by. Then an unemployment benefits representative told her to contact Fayette Cares.

She made the call and quickly learned about the broad range of help available to her and thousands of others in her situation.

It’s not easy to ask for help, but the staff and volunteers of Fayette Cares offer heartfelt support and compassion. “Everyone is just so nice!” shared Promela. The moment she came to the office she was filled with hope and a sense the community was there for her during her time of need.

Because of you, Promela and her husband were able to stay afloat. “I had never even heard of Fayette Cares,” she says, “but I don’t know what we would have done without your help. Thank you!”

Promela’s husband is expected to return to work in the coming months and she is hopeful that as things begin to return to normal, she’ll be back out there too.

Your support is critical to provide shelter, rent and utility aid, food, transitional housing, domestic violence intervention, and more. Please donate to keep this good work going.

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