Kids Need Your Caring

Back to School Basics for a Bright Future

One in 30 kids experiences homelessness and about 50% of shelter residents at Fayette Cares are children.

Homeless children struggle with family trauma and instability, making it more likely for them to experience chronic absenteeism and have poor school performance.  

It’s hard to be a kid in a homeless shelter but you can make it better.  A donation to Fayette Cares lets children prepare for a great school year but more importantly it creates a brighter future. 

Your support gives stable housing, nourishing food, quality clothing, and school supplies, so kids can focus on being kids.  

Donations of clothing, food, and school supplies are always welcome but a monetary gift makes it possible to purchase exactly what’s needed, when it’s most needed.  It also reduces the need for storage and the risk of spoilage for more sensitive products.  

Give today at and you’ll make going back to school a great experience.


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