There’s No Place Like Hope

Strengthening Families and Communities with Stable Housing

Palladium Properties, LLC owners Sam and Cindy Marsh proudly pose in front of a newly rehabbed house.  Once an eye-sore in a blighted community, the husband and wife team gutted the structure and transformed it into more than just a home, into the foundation for a better future.  

Palladium Properties has partnered with Fayette Cares to link homeless families with clean, safe, and affordable houses.   “I was so happy to be a part of helping a family in need have a stable place to live,” says Cindy.  The company believes that a family is strengthened not only by the brick and mortar that surrounds them, but also by the support of a community that wants to see them succeed.  

With a focus on lasting solutions, Fayette Cares provides homeless families with rental assistance, money management classes, income and employment opportunities, and other resources for stability.  Through housing partnerships like those with Palladium Properties, families can have homes filled with hope in a healthy community.

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