A Message from Board President
John Charles Wilson

As we slowly emerge from a very difficult pandemic year, we look back with sadness at many tragedies: lives lost, families in hunger, schools and businesses closed, and, yes, increased domestic violence.

However, as a member of the Fayette Cares Board, we can also look back with a sense of joy and pride at the many ways our Fayette Cares Community not only met, but exceeded, the challenges of the last eighteen months. 

With your help, we collected and distributed hundreds of thousands of pounds of donated food, clothing, and essentials to those in need. 

We provided housing and related assistance to those who lost their homes and jobs. We provided protection for children, wives, and husbands involved in domestic violence. 

Fayette Cares met those challenges with a loving determination to take care of all those who came seeking help.

Thank you, friends and citizens, for your thousands of dollars of essentials and cash and for your hundreds of hours of service. You sacrificed to provide care and assistance for your neighbors and to keep Fayette Cares strong for future times such as these.

I personally thank you, and may God continue to bless Fayette Cares and you.             

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