Crisis Intervention

Do you or someone you know need assistance?

Stability After a Fanancial Crisis

In every life a little rain must fall, but for some it is a deluge. The flood may be in the form of a job loss, a house fire, unexpected custody of a grandchild, or other emergency.

Fayette Cares helps stabilize families in financial crisis with emergency shelter, food, clothing, hygiene products, housewares, school supplies, and other essentials. Fayette Cares may also provide temporary assistance with rent, mortgage, or utility payments to prevent a plummet into homelessness.

Families receive aid that goes beyond immediate needs to offer lasting stability. Staff and volunteers help families with resources and life skills classes to build opportunities for self-sufficiency.

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Gifts from caring individuals, like you, make up a majority of the support that allows the doors of Fayette Cares to remain open for those in crisis. Donate now to join Fayette Cares in creating lasting solutions!