Our story

More than 35 years ago, in a barn on a rural Tennessee highway, Fayette Cares began the work of empowering clients to overcome their circumstances, nurture their skills, and build a life beyond poverty.

We’ve grown to offer comprehensive and holistic services that help homeless families become self-sufficient, aid those trapped in violent homes to find their way out, and support clients in financial crisis as they rebuild on solid ground.

Late Eighties

A Concerned Community

In the late eighties Fayette County was known as one of the poorest counties in the nation. Concerned about the sad conditions facing many low income families, community members gathered to address the needs of the poor. Representatives from faith communities, business leaders, elected officials and other caring individuals joined to form Fayette Cares.


Fayette Cares Is Born

Fayette Cares was chartered in 1986 as a nonprofit charitable organization. As an interdenominational, non-partisan, countywide organization, Fayette Cares unites churches, businesses, service agencies, and individuals to provide aid for county residents in need. Fayette Cares began by providing food, clothing and housewares, emergency shelter services, rent and utility aid.


First Fayette Cares Facility

In 1993, the first Fayette Cares facility was built on donated land and fully paid for through community donations. At the time the facility housed a retail shop, food pantry and one efficiency emergency shelter unit.


Safety For Victims

Responding to the growing need for crisis assistance for victims of abuse, in 1998 Fayette Cares established a domestic violence intervention program offering victims services in Fayette County.


Ending Homelessness

In an effort to meet increasing demands for homeless services, in 2007 Fayette Cares opened the supportive housing program. This program helps end homelessness by building self-reliance through life skills training addressing financial management, parenting skills, domestic violence, home readiness, career development, and physical and mental health care. Fayette Cares works to provide a holistic approach to helping those in need advance toward self-sufficiency.


Expanding Our Shelter

With generously donated retail space, in 2014 a portion of the charity retail operations were relocated from Main Street to the Somerville Town Square. The vacated space was restructured to expand emergency shelter, allowing homelessness intervention services to grow to a total of seven housing units with nearly 30 beds.


Caring Grows

Today Fayette County is experiencing growth.  With community support, our agency is working to meet the increased need by nearly tripling the food pantry and expanding the shelter to 31 beds.   

Every month more than 1 ton of food is distributed to those in need.  An estimate 1,300 people per year receive shelter, clothing, rent/utilities, domestic violence intervention, training, and other services to find safety and stability.

Today Fayette County is one of the fastest growing counties in Tennessee. Through community support Fayette Cares has also grown, providing shelter, food, clothing, rent/utilities, domestic violence intervention, training and other services to help families find safety and stability.

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